Grade 6 EBSR from Narrative Writing Task

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Sample Item 

Part A

Based on the passage from Julie of the Wolves, how does Miyax feel about her father?

  • a. She is angry that he left her alone.
  • b. She blames him for her difficult childhood.
  • c. She appreciates his thorough knowledge of nature.
  • d. She is grateful that he planned out her future.

Part B

Which sentence from the passage best shows Miyax’s feelings for her father?

  • a. “She had been lost without food for many sleeps on the North Slope of Alaska.”
  • b. “This could be done she knew, for her father, an Eskimo hunter, had done so.”
  • c. “Unfortunately, Miyax’s father never explained to her how he had told the wolf of his needs.”
  • d. “And not long afterward he paddled his kayak into the Bering Sea to hunt for seal, and he never returned.”

George, Jean C. Julie of the Wolves. New York: Harper and Row, 1972. Print.

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