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Course Specific and General Analysis

The Standards for Mathematical Practice are common to both high school and grades K-8, but the Standards for Mathematical Content are organized differently in high school than in grades K-8. In grades K-8, the content standards are organized in a yearly sequence. In high school, the content standards are organized not by year but rather by conceptual category (Functions, Algebra, etc.).

The Mathematics Model Content Frameworks provide an analysis of the high school standards using terms and conventions similar to those used for the grades 3–8 standards analyses. However, in high school, the Model Content Frameworks also include end-of-course assessment boundaries for six courses: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Mathematics I, Mathematics II, and Mathematics III.[1] In each case, relative cluster emphases (Major, Additional, and Supporting) are provided as are denotations regarding which standards, or parts of standards, are eligible for assessment for each course.[2] This document includes only the Standards for Mathematical Practice as well as the non- (+) Standards for Mathematical Content. 

There are two sections to the high school standards analysis:

  • Course-specific analysis of the high school standards: analysis of emphasis and boundaries presented with a view toward two sequences of end-of-course assessments.
  • General analysis of the high school standards: analysis that is independent of any particular organization of the standards into courses.

Please note: The reader is advised to have a copy of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics available for use in conjunction with this document. 

Read the PARCC Model Content Frameworks Mathematics: High School Excerpt.

[1] The PARCC Assessment System will include assessments for courses in these two pathways. 

[2] Note that the courses outlined in the Model Content Frameworks were informed by, but are not identical to, previous drafts of this document and Appendix A of the Common Core State

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