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Parcc Inc. is the project management partner for the PARCC consortium of states and oversees the development of the PARCC assessment system and related tools, supports the governance and decision-making of consortium states, provides day-to-day management of the Race to the Top Assessment grant award, and develops and maintain plans for the consortium’s long-term sustainability.   

The staff of Parcc Inc. includes national experts on assessment design and development, ELA/literacy and mathematics, the Common Core State Standards, state policy, and communications and outreach.  The team has been recognized for its leadership in assessment development and consortium management, which has included a high level of outreach and engagement in states across the country. The organization’s state engagement has stretched across the K-16 education continuum, bringing together educators and experts from the national to state to local levels to develop consensus around policies and practices best for students across the PARCC states.   Learn more about Parcc Inc.

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