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PARCC is developing a series of online professional learning modules to help teachers, counselors, school leaders, and school and district testing coordinators understand the new PARCC Assessment System and put the new high quality assessments to work for them and their students.
These tools will help educators learn how to read results from the assessments, make inferences about the results, and identify learning gaps in time to make relevant instructional decisions and modifications.
The first two completed online professional training modules focus on the PARCC Common Assessments Overview and the PARCC Accessibility System.
Future professional online learning module topics include: Introductions to the PARCC K-2 Formative Tasks, PARCC Diagnostic Assessment and the PARCC Speaking and Listening Assessment.

Available Online Professional Learning Modules

  • How To Use the Modules — Watch this first! 
  • PARCC Assessments Overview  ​
    • In Theory: Practical theories behind the PARCC Assessments and related goals.
    • In Practice: Information about how a student will be assessed throughout their school career and offers an assessment walkthrough (based on the role selected  — administrator, primary teacher, secondary teacher- English/Language Arts, secondary teacher, Mathematics)
    • In Context: Valuable, downloadable resources focused on the PARCC Model Content Frameworks for mathematics and English/Language Arts
  • PARCC Accessibility System
    • In Theory: An overview of accessibility features and details about how they are built into the PARCC design.
    • In Practice: Information about how teachers use accommodations in the classroom
    • In Context: Downloadable the Accessibility Features and Accommodation Manual

Three More Modules Coming

In addition to the two modules above, we will be posting three additional modules in the coming months:
  • Introduction to the PARCC K-2 Formative Tasks
  • Introduction to the PARCC Diagnostic Assessment
  • Introduction to the PARCC Speaking and Listening Assessment

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