Professional Learning Modules: PARCC Assessments

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Professional Learning Modules: PARCC Assessments


PARCC will develop a series of professional development modules to help teachers, counselors, school leaders, and school and district testing coordinators understand the new assessment system.

The modules will be designed to provide each individual with a level of expertise appropriate to his or her specific role in implementing the system. 

Through these tools, teachers and school leaders will learn how to read results from the assessments, make inferences about the results, and diagnose learning gaps to make relevant instructional decisions. PARCC will develop flexible, web-based courses, as well as materials that professional development providers can use in traditional professional development settings.

Over the next year, PARCC will develop five online training modules for teachers, school leaders, and school site testing coordinators – each with a unique purpose.  PARCC will produce modules with the following foci:

1.       PARCC Common Assessments Overview

2.       Introduction to the PARCC Mid-Year Assessment

3.       Introduction to the PARCC Diagnostic Assessment

4.       Introduction to the PARCC Speaking and Listening Assessment

5.       PARCC Accessibility System

It is anticipated that the modules will be available in June 2014.

Download the PD Modules (PDF).