PARCC Technical Issue and Policy Meetings

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Implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and transition to the new PARCC assessments presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize student achievement with next-generation approaches to instruction and professional development. The U.S. Department of Education awarded PARCC a supplemental grant for an additional $15.86 million to support states’ transition to the CCSS and common assessments. This supplemental grant includes funding for the Technical Issue and Policy Meetings (TIPs).

The PARCC supplemental grant allows for 12 TIP meetings. Each meeting will include a small group of state leaders and will address a high priority policy topic that stands to benefit from collective problem-solving by leading experts in PARCC states and across the country. The work will align to and progress alongside the consortium’s other streams of work. Each TIP meeting will contribute to the advancement of the work streams and key decisions that the PARCC states will make.

Materials for the February 28, 2012 meeting are here.

Materials for the May 21, 2012 follow-up webinar are here.  

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