PARCC Model Content Frameworks

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Model Content Frameworks are voluntary resources meant to be used as a companion to the Common Core State Standards to help educators and those developing aligned curricula and instructional materials. The frameworks serve as a bridge between the standards and these tools in a variety of ways, including by clarifying areas of emphasis in each grade and what changes in the standards from one grade to the next. In grades 3 through 11, for which PARCC has previously published frameworks, they served as foundational documents to guide development of assessments. In grades K-2, they will serve as guides for developing diagnostic tools and formative tasks that teachers can use to get real-time data on how their students are doing and where they need help or enrichment.

The Model Content Frameworks are neither a curriculum nor a replacement to the standards. Rather, they ought to be used as a companion to the standards, and as a lens through which to analyze and build local curricula.

View the K-2 Model Content Frameworks

View the Grades 3-11 Model Content Frameworks

K-2 Formative Tasks 

PARCC has released several prototype K-2 formative tasks which demonstrate concepts presented in these frameworks. PARCC plans to release new K-2 formative tasks to exemplify the standards, aligned to these Model Content Frameworks for K-2 in August, 2015. Background white papers on the K-1 Formative Task Prototypes can be found here:

Published frameworks:

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