PARCC Model Content Frameworks

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Use the PARCC Frameworks Browsers for English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics to access and search online versions of the Model Content Frameworks.



Seeking Educator Feedback on Model K-2 Content Frameworks

The PARCC states are seeking feedback from educators on the draft K-2 Model Content Frameworks, resources to assist educators who wish to use them in implementing the Common Core State Standards, and also to guide the development of the formative tasks and diagnostic tools. The frameworks – one for math and one for English language arts/literacy – were developed by PARCC state representatives, educators, and experts in standards and formative assessments.

The frameworks serve as a bridge between the standards and these tools in a variety of ways, including by clarifying areas of emphasis in each grade and what changes in the standards from one grade to the next. In grades 3 through 11, for which PARCC has previously published frameworks, they served as foundational documents to guide development of assessments. In grades K-2, they will serve as guides for developing diagnostic tools and formative tasks that teachers can use to get real-time data on how their students are doing and where they need help or enrichment.

To download the frameworks, click here:

  • ELA/Literacy
  • Mathematics

To provide feedback, click the survey link below:

  • Draft K-2 Model Content Frameworks Survey

K-1 Formative Task Prototypes - Give your feedback

PARCC is also seeking the feedback of educators on its K-1 Formative Task Prototypes through May 30.  PARCC educators, state representatives and experts will incorporate feedback into the development of the final K-1 Formative Tasks due to be released in the 2015-2016 school year.

Background white papers on the K-1 Formative Task Prototypes can be found here:

The K-1 Formative Task Prototypes can be found here:



To provide feedback, click on the survey link below:

Previously published frameworks: