Contents of the Grade- and Subject-Specific Performance Level Descriptors: Mathematics

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In mathematics, the performance levels at each grade level are written for each of four assessment sub-claims:
  1. Major content
  2. Additional and supporting content
  3. Reasoning, and
  4. Modeling
The performance levels within each claim area are differentiated by a number of factors consistent with the Common Core’s inclusion of standards for both mathematical content and mathematical practices and PARCC’s Cognitive Complexity Framework for Mathematics.  For more details about the factors differentiating the performance levels in mathematics, please see the introductory PowerPoint presentation available on this page.
A narrated PowerPoint presentation that explains the structure of the mathematics PLDs is available. (Technical Tip: Audio plays using PowerPoint 2010 Professional or later. Older versions may not be supported. Press "Slideshow" and then "From Beginning" to play audio. )  
The PLDs are available below to download and review by grade level, course, grade band, all high school courses, or as a complete package.
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