Major Milestones

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June:            PARCC states submit application to the US Department of Education to develop a common set of next generation K-12 assessments in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. 

December:    PARCC holds its first Design and Development Meeting with content teams from PARCC states to focus on details of the PARCC design; PARCC holds its first Governing Board meeting. The PARCC Governing Board meets quarterly.


June:            The PARCC Governing Board approves refinements to the original PARCC design, creating two summative, required components and two non-summative, optional components.

September:   PARCC holds its first Advisory Committee on College Readiness (ACCR) meeting as part of the ongoing engagement of postsecondary in its work

November:    PARCC releases draft Model Content Frameworks for ELA/Literacy and Mathematics to inform item development and help support state and district implementation of the Common Core State Standards.


July:             Item development begins

July/August: Teams of K-16 educators from across PARCC states met in Chicago for the first Educator Leader Cadre (ELC) meeting.  Additional face-to-face and virtual meetings will be held through September 2014.

August:          PARCC releases final Model Content Frameworks for ELA-Literacy

                     PARCC releases item and task prototypes

                     PARCC holds its first item review committee meeting to review PARCC passages. Item review committees meet regularly to review items and passages.


October:        PARCC Governing Board and ACCR adopt a College- and Career-Ready Determination (CCRD) policy and Policy-Level Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs).

November:    PARCC releases final Model Content Frameworks for Mathematics

December:    PARCC Governing Board approves PARCC’s retest policy and the College- and Career-Ready Assessment in Mathematics  (Integrated Mathematics III and an enhanced Algebra II assessment)


February:       Small scale research studies begins in select PARCC states

March:           PARCC releases early Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool

PARCC Nonprofit is launched to oversee the development of PARCC’s next generation assessments.

Summer:        PARCC releases participation guidelines for field testing, as well as information about the design and cost of the non-summative components

                      PARCC releases:

  • final performance level descriptors for all grades/courses in ELA-literacy and mathematics  
  • Accommodations Manual
  • Cost estimates for summative assessments

Fall:               PARCC releases Minimum Technology Specifications, version 3.0


Spring:           Field Testing begins

Fall:               PARCC releases Operational Assessment Administration Manual


Spring:           Operational Administration of PARCC Summative Assessments (school year 2014-15)

Summer:        Standard Setting


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