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State-based collaboration is a hallmark of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

PARCC is state led with a subset of PARCC states making up its Governing Board. States represented on this Board are considered "Governing States," and have made the strongest commitment to PARCC and its activities and, therefore, have the most decision-making authority. A subset of the Governing Board states serves on the PARCC Steering Committee to provide guidance on time-sensitive issues as they arise. Maryland serves as the Fiscal Agent for the PARCC consortium.

Governing states also have one representative on the PARCC K-12 Leadership Team. The K-12 Leadership Team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the development of PARCC assessments. It directs all of PARCC’s operational programs and serves as the conduit to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Governing Board. The K-12 Leadership Team holds a weekly call.

There are a wide range of committees, working groups and teams of education leaders tasked with specific advisory, technical and operational goals. These committees will be responsible for structuring, leading, and contextualizing the major assessment design and development activities. Achieve was selected as the Project Management Partner for the PARCC consortium to facilitate the activities of the Partnership and help ensure the PARCC vision is fully realized.

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