Field Test Technology Resources

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The following resources have been created to help technology coordinators at schools and districts prepare for 2014 PARCC Field Test.

Technology Specifications


Schools should refer to the Full Technology Specifications for 2014 PARCC Field Test Participation for a detailed list of devices students can use to participate in the Field Test, bandwidth specifications for the Computer-Based Field Test, a chart summarizing the Accessibility Features and Accommodations enabled for the Computer-Based Field Test and additional technology guidance for the field test.

Field Test Manuals and User Guides

The PearsonAccess User Guide contains step-by-step instructions for PearsonAccess, the website used for the registration, setup, preparation, and management of both the computer-based and paper-based formats of the PARCC Field Test.
TestNav 8 User Guide contains instructions for using TestNav 8, the Field Test Technology Platform.
The Proctor Caching User Guide contains step-by step instructions for using the Proctor Cache system to increase the number of simultaneous testers that can be supported.
The SystemCheck User Guide contains instructions for using the SystemCheck tool to review device and network readiness.
The PARCC Infrastructure Readiness Guide contains step-by-step instructions for setting up and conducting an Infrastructure Trial.

Set Up Tools

The SystemCheck Tool allows customers to validate that their testing workstations meet the minimum requirements needed to run TestNav for the Field Test and evaluate bandwidth capacity for Internet and Proctor Caching connections. 
Proctor Caching software is available to all PARCC schools as part of the Pearson TestNav 8 delivery platform. PARCC strongly recommends proctor caching to increase the number of simultaneous testers that can be supported and to ensure a seamless test experience.  
An Infrastructure Trial is a full scale "dress rehearsal" LEAs, schools, and students can run to prepare for the computer-based PARCC Field Test by simulating test-day network utilization. Unlike a live assessment, you will not use real student information; instead sample students are created in the PearsonAccess Training Center

Field Test Training Modules

PARCC has released Field Test Training Modules, which are on-demand recorded webinars for LEA/District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, Technology Coordinators, and Test Administrators. Technology related training modules include: 
For further information about the PARCC Field Test, please visit: 

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