PARCC Field Test

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What is the Field Test? 

Fourteen PARCC states and the District of Columbia conducted a field test in spring 2014 to allow educators and students to “test the test.” This purposes of the field test were to examine the quality of test questions and tasks; evaluate the training materials and administration procedures; evaluate the computer-based delivery platform; and to conduct research on a range of topics, including those that will inform the reporting of results from the first round of full testing. It also gave schools the ability to check their readiness to administer the full-scale test in spring 2015.

Lessons Learned

The PARCC Field Test: Lessons Learned report is a comprehensive review of the field test user experiences, the test delivery platform, and other aspects of the field test. It shows that the field test went well, that PARCC states are listening to feedback and making adjustments based on that feedback, and that the testing experience for students was largely positive – for example, they were successful with keyboarding, understood directions, and found the computer-based tests engaging. Read the PARCC Field Test: Lessons Learned report.

Who Field Tested?

More than one million students in 16,000 schools in 14 states and the District of Columbia took the tests, or about 10 percent of the students in those states. Students with disabilities and English language learners were included among field test participants in order to ensure that the test works the way it should for every student. Some students took the field tests on computers, others on paper. Students were not scored.


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