College-Ready Tools

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College-Ready Tools

PARCC plans to develop college readiness tools aligned to the Common Core State Standards and PARCC assessments.

The college-ready tools will be developed collaboratively by K-12 and higher education, and PARCC is in the process of working with its member states and the postsecondary community to further define these resources. The college-ready tools will be critical resources for those students who have gaps in their college- and career-ready academic preparation - and for the educators who are responsible for helping their students close those gaps before leaving high school. They will provide one way for teachers and school leaders to encourage students to make the most of their 12th grade year as they prepare for postsecondary opportunities. For example, the tools may include model 12th-grade bridge courses for students who don’t score college ready on the high school assessments or online tools to help diagnose students’ gaps in college-ready skills.

It is anticipated that the college-ready tools will be available in Winter/Spring 2014.

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