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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Parcc Major Milestones


  • PARCC states submit application and are awarded grant to develop a common set of next generation K-12 assessments in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.
  • PARCC state content teams and others begin meeting to focus on design and development of the PARCC assessment system


  • The PARCC Governing Board approves refinements to the original PARCC design, creating the annual tests and optional instructional tools.
  • PARCC states formally engage colleges and universities in the work.
  • PARCC releases draft Model Content Frameworks for English literacy and Mathematics to inform item development and help support state and district implementation of the standards.


  • Item development begins.
  • Teams of K-16 educators from PARCC states meet in Chicago for the first Educator Leader Cadre meeting.  
  • The states release final Model Content Frameworks for English language arts/literacy and release item and task prototypes.
  • PARCC states hold the first item review committee meeting to review PARCC passages. Item review committees meet regularly to review items and passages.
  • PARCC state K-12 and higher education chiefs adopt a College- and Career-Ready Determination policy and policy-level performance level descriptors (PLDs).
  • PARCC states release final Model Content Frameworks for mathematics.
  • PARCC states approve PARCC’s retest policy and the final high school mathematics tests: Integrated Mathematics III and Algebra II.


  • Small-scale research studies begins in select PARCC states.
  • Parcc Inc. nonprofit is launched to manage the development of PARCC’s next- generation assessments for the PARCC states.
  • PARCC states release final performance-level descriptors for all grades/courses in English language arts/literacy and mathematics, the accommodations manual, and cost estimates for the PACC annual tests.


  • One million students in 16,000 schools field test the assessment — a "test of the test."
  • A few thousand students in high schools with "block schedules" are the first to participate in PARCC testing.


  • Five million students in 12 states (11 states plus the District of Columbia) complete a PARCC test.
  • Governing Board announces design changes that shorten the test and combine the former two test windows into one.
  • Teachers, other educators and experts from PARCC states will gather in July and August to determine the range of scores that qualify for each performance level (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).
  • States will send individual student score reports to parents in the fall. School, district, and state results will be shared publicly.

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