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Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers


PARCC score reports are designed to identify where a student needs help or is excelling by providing more and better information to teachers and parents so they can enhance instruction to meet individual student needs. This information is shared through sophisticated online reports for schools and teachers, and through an informative, easy-to-understand printed report for parents.
The score report provides clear and meaningful information about the extent to which students are acquiring and mastering the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school, and to progress toward college and career readiness by the time they graduate.
The design of the score report, like the test itself, was informed by the participation of classroom teachers and other educators and parents from the PARCC states.

Understanding the 2014-15 Score Report  

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The reports use graphics, colors and detailed descriptions to show how each student performed on the English language arts/literacy and mathematics portions of the test. The reports will show how well children are meeting the knowledge and skills expected of students at their grade level, and how their performance compares to peers in the school, district, and multi-state consortium.

The reports also contain helpful links for parents to access more information. The report is intended to help you work with your child's teachers and school officials on how best to support your student’s needs.

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2016 Score Reports
The parent score report was updated for spring 2016 to provide greater understanding through clearer graphics and language.  States will receive score results by July 2016 and parent score reports will arrive in local school districts during the summer. Score reports for students who took the PARCC test in fall 2015 will be in the format of the 2014-15 score reports, shown above. Preview the 2016 parent score reports.

State Results
Each state released its own 2014-15 state assessment results

The 2014-2015 Tables of Cross-State and State-Specific PARCC Results present the results of the 2014-2015 administration of PARCC for each assessment in ELA and math. Not all states administered every high school assessment in 2014-2015. States included in the results for each assessment are noted with each table. 

Translated Score Reports

PARCC has translated the sample score reports for all grade levels into 11 different languages, and both parents and educators may access them here.

Questions and Answers

When will I receive my child’s score report?

Score reports for the first year of PARCC administration (2014-2015 school year) were released in fall 2015. Score reports will be delivered to school districts much sooner in 2016 – by August 18. Local school districts will determine when and how to deliver score reports to parents.

Please note that your child’s score report is not available here. Please contact your child’s school or local school district to find out about your child’s score report.

How can parents and teachers use the information on the score report?

Parents can use this information to understand their child's needs and strengths and work with their schools to identify resources to support their child's education.

Schools can use this information to better plan instruction, support and enrichment for students in the coming year and to strengthen their instructional programs for all students.

Who else gets this information besides parents and teachers?

Student score results and other information is highly protected and not shared. Schools gets the information educators need to make decisions about instruction. No student-specific information is shared with outside groups or the federal government. States maintain control over what is done with student information — the same as it has always been. Read the PARCC states Data Privacy and Security Policy.

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