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POwerful services for Administration

The PARCC Technology Platform is a powerful suite of services that provide robust assessment administration capabilities, sophisticated reporting capabilities and an interactive portal, which provides tools and resources for teachers and assessment administrators to assist in the adoption and administration of the assessments.

The system is based on Open Source software framework. In an effort to drive the cost of assessment as close to zero as possible, this approach eliminates software licensing costs which will account for significant savings over the course of time. Key components are:

Assessment Delivery System

The Assessment Delivery System (Breakthrough Technologies) encompasses the open technical infrastructure necessary to deliver secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable computer-based assessments.  It will be leveraged to administer the suite of PARCC Diagnostic Assessments in 2016-17. The PARCC Diagnostics represent some of the most sophisticated and powerful assessments available in the market and are fully aligned to the summative assessment content. Results from the assessments are available immediately at the conclusion of the administration and allow teachers to take immediate action and inform instruction and curriculum plans.

The PARCC Assessment Delivery Platform provides complete functionality for delivery and management of all PARCC assessments including Formative, Diagnostic, Speaking and Listening, Performance-Based Modules, and practice tests. It enables administrators import student information, register, and schedule students for assessments, deliver assessments (including required accommodations) to students, temporarily store assessment results, and transfer test data to scoring applications.

The PARCC Assessment Content Repository (Item Bank/Test Bank) provides complete functionality to manage and store all PARCC assessment content, including test specifications, test forms, and test items, including all associated metadata and media assets.  This component enables administrators the ability to import test specifications, test forms, and test items from content developers and other repositories, produce content packages, export tests to the Assessment Delivery Platform, provide repository management of all stored items, and support discovery through the PARCC Resource Center.

In addition, it supports the importing and exporting of test forms and items. It operates with third-party/external assessment content providers/developers that develop/author Assessment Content and with external test analysis systems.

Data Management and Reporting System

The Data Management and Reporting System (Amplify, Inc.) supports reporting capabilities that span across support for both the summative assessment platform (Pearson TestNav8 & AccessNext) and the non-summative assessment platform (Assessment Delivery System) results.

This component of the platform encompasses the technical infrastructure necessary for PARCC to provide secure reliable, flexible, and scalable digital data storage, management, reporting, and analysis for the Partnership and its member states. The system includes the functionality for post-assessment longitudinal storage of assessment data, statistical and psychometric analysis and reporting of assessment information. 

This component provides long-term storage and management of assessment results and generates reports as well as interfacing with the Assessment Delivery Platform and Shared Technology Services components.  In addition, the Data Warehouse and Reporting Engine will interface with state systems to enable administrators to export subsets of the data to state data warehouses, and will allow for data exchange with external test analysis systems. 

The Data Management and Reporting System components include:

Data Warehouse: Enables storage and management of all PARCC longitudinal assessment results.  Supports import of assessment results data (assessment delivery activities, assessment results, assessment management, scoring, delivery platform operations, and system operations, including all exceptions and errors) from the Assessment Delivery Platform.  Provides interfaces to securely export assessment results to state data warehouses.  Provides interfaces to allow state systems to access and retrieve assessment results.  Supports secure export of data to external test analysis systems.

Reporting Engine: Enables the static and dynamic generation of consortium-level reports from data in the Data Warehouse. Enables PARCC to establish multiple reporting templates for a range of purposes. Packages data from the Data Warehouse into pre-established formats for export to PARCC states and other stakeholders.

Analytics Engine: Performs statistical and psychometric analysis of assessment results in the Data Warehouse in support of data dashboards, reporting, and data export by authorized state users to state data systems.

Partnership Resource Center

The Partnership Resource Center is designed to accommodate access to curated PARCC-generated resources and generally available resources that demonstrate value to the constituents that use PARCC’s tools and assessments. The PRC allows users to supplement and rate provided resources (leveraging social media features) to ensure the content reflects the perceived value of the collective constituents.  Key components include:

Digital Library: Includes a Repository and Management System for multimedia content and metadata.

Public Website: Includes features that allow users to search and browse the open content of the Digital Library.

Professional Learning Center: Includes interactive professional learning modules, model content frameworks, and other tools that allow users to personalize and collaborate including, but not limited to light-weight functionalities.

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