Assessment Administration Guidance

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PARCC is committed to keeping state and local leaders informed as they prepare to administer the PARCC assessments in 2014-2015.


2014-2015 Assessment Administration Guidance

Watch for policy, guidance and technical assistance materials soon.

March 2013 Assessment Administration Guidance

PARCC Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool: This tool, an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx format), is designed to assist district and school leaders in identifying gaps in assessment administration capacity and exploring possible scenarios for addressing those gaps. Printable PDF versions are provided below for review purposes. Calculations need to be performed in the above Excel Spreadsheet version.

User’s Guide for PARCC Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool: This guide walks through the Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool step-by-step to support school and district leaders in using it and interpreting the results.

Assessment Administration Guidance: This memorandum provides school and district leaders and policy makers with important details about the design of PARCC’s English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics assessments, the number of testing sessions and approximate testing time, the number of days over which schools may administer the assessments (testing window), and some “rule of thumb” guidance for the number of computer devices needed to administer the assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions: Assessment Administration Guidance and Capacity Planning Tool: Find answers to frequently asked questions about the PARCC capacity planning tool and related guidance.

Previously Released Assessment Administration Guidance

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