Achieving the Common Core

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Achieve has developed a guide for states and districts to use as they implement the Common Core State Standards

"On the Road to Implementation: Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards" identifies the key areas that state policymakers will need to consider to implement the new standards with fidelity. The guide is organized by topic with short chapters. It's not meant to be an exhaustive review or a checklist of all the issues that states and districts will need to consider as they move from adoption of the CCSS to implementation. Rather, it's meant to be the starting point from which state and district leaders and their allies can organize and begin the necessary discussions around key topics to successfully implement the standards. Download the full guide PDF here.



Also, refer to Implementing the Common Core State Standards: An Action Agenda for Higher Education (a joint publication of American Council on Education, State Higher Education Executive Officers and Achieve).

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