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Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness Technical Working Group

Purpose and charge: This expert working group will advise on issues of accessibility, accommodations, and fairness, and help ensure the PARCC design includes accessible assessments that remain true to the intended vision of the assessment system.

Members of the working group provide technical guidance and expert recommendations to the Governing Board on set of Partnership-wide policies, described in the PARCC Accommodations Manual, to be adopted by each member state for identifying eligible students, selecting acceptable accommodations, and administering accommodations. The working group also will work with member states in the Operational Working Group to ensure that IEP teams in schools across the Partnership receive information about the common assessment components and training to apply common accommodations guidelines.

Committee members: Members have a range of expertise in access and accommodations for English learners (EL), students with disabilities (SWD), underserved populations, as well as an understanding of K-12 academic content.

English Learner Sub-Group of the Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness TWG

Diane August, American Institutes for Research

H. Gary Cook, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kenji Hakuta, Stanford University

Alba Ortiz, The University of Texas at Austin

Charlene Rivera, George Washington University, Center for Equity and Excellence in Education


Students with Disabilities Sub-Group of the Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness TWG

Dave Edyburn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Claudia Flowers, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Diane Spence, Region 4 Education Service Center, Braille Services

Martha Thurlow, National Center on Educational Outcomes

Daniel Wiener,* Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


Equity and Underserved Populations Sub-Group of the Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness TWG

Amy Epstein, Leadership Public Schools

Keena Arbuthnot, Louisiana State University

Edward Bosso, Gallaudet University

Yvette Jackson, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education

Carol D. Lee, Northwestern University

Teresa L. McCarty, Arizona State University

Dianne Piche, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Gerunda Hughes will serve as the liaison to the PARCC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).


* Daniel Wiener serves as the chair of the Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness TWG and the liaison between the TWG and the Operational Working Group.

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