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K-2 Formative Assessments

To help states measure student knowledge and skills at the lower grades, the Partnership will develop an array of assessment resources for teachers of grades K–2 that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and vertically aligned to the PARCC assessment system. The tasks will consist of developmentally-appropriate assessment types, such as observations, checklists, classroom activities, and protocols, which reflect foundational aspects of the Common Core State Standards. The K-2 formative assessment tools aim to help create a foundation for students and put them on the track to college and career readiness in the early years.

These K-2 assessment tools will help educators prepare students for later grades and provide information for educators about the knowledge and skills of the students entering third grade, allowing classroom teachers and administrators to adjust instruction as necessary. These tools also will help states fully utilize the Common Core State Standards across the entire K-12 spectrum.


Additional Information
Grade K Vocabulary EvidencesGrade K Vocabulary Evidences
Grade K Literary Reading EvidencesGrade K Literary Reading Evidences
Grade K Writing EvidencesGrade K Writing Evidences
Grade K Information Reading EvidencesGrade K Information Reading Evidences
Grade 1 Literary Reading EvidencesGrade 1 Literary Reading Evidences
Grade 1 Vocabulary EvidencesGrade 1 Vocabulary Evidences
Grade 1 Writing EvidencesGrade 1 Writing Evidences
Grade 1 Information Reading EvidencesGrade 1 Information Reading Evidences
Grade 2 Literary Reading EvidencesGrade 2 Literary Reading Evidences
Grade 2 Vocabulary EvidencesGrade 2 Vocabulary Evidences
Grade 2 Writing EvidencesGrade 2 Writing Evidences
Grade 2 Information Reading EvidencesGrade 2 Information Reading Evidences
K-2 Mathematics Evidence StatementsK-2 Mathematics Evidence Statements

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