K-12 Educators and PARCC

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An actively engaged and informed K-12 community is critical to the success of the Common Core State Standards and PARCC assessments

As such, PARCC engages with educators throughout the entire development and implementation process in a variety of ways to ensure the assessment system reflects the best practices and meets the needs of teachers, and to ensure educators have ongoing opportunities to give feedback on and understand the Common Core and PARCC assessments before they are fully implemented.

Benefits of PARCC for K-12 Education: The PARCC assessment system will help produce a more complete picture of student performance and leverage new technologies in assessment and reporting to get actionable student data to educators in real time.

Development and Use of Instructional and Curricular Tools: PARCC will encourage and solicit feedback on a regular basis from a broad group of educators across the PARCC states to provide feedback on instructional resources - such as the model content frameworks - to ensure they reflect educator needs and to give as many educators as possible the opportunity to see and give input into the PARCC design and development process.

Participation in Leadership Cadres: Each year, PARCC will be hosting regional convenings of cohorts of K-12 educators from across participating states at least once where K-12 educators will be have the opportunity to learn about PARCC up close and personal, test the instructional tools described above, and get the information they need to educate their peers on Common Core State Standards, PARCC and its related resources. More...

Participation in Item Review Committees: As development work gets underway, PARCC will engage a variety of educators and other experts from PARCC states to provide guidance during item development and review by serving on committees covering topics such as test item review, bias and sensitivity, and the review of passages and media.

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